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0908 492 865

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Thông số kỹ thuật Mainpower NEXO NXAMP4x2

nexo nxamp 4x2
Mainpower NEXO NXAMP 4x2

NEXO and Yamaha collaborate to create the perfect, light weight power and control solution for NEXO loudspeaker systems

Achieves significant advances in sound quality over previous generation NXAMPs

4 x ultra-low distortion Class D amplifiers

4 x 2500 Watts

All essential parameters accessible via a large colour touchscreen on the front panel

Universal 100 - 240 mains voltage range

Uses PFC (Power Factor Correction) technology

Remote control card fitted as standard

Optional Dante, EtherSound and AES network cards available


Power Specifications


Number of channels

4 amplifier channels, 2 by 2 bridgeable

Max output voltage (no load)

4 x 140 V

Max output power (4 channels mode / 8 Ohms load per channel)

4 x 1200 W

Max output power (4 channels mode / 4 Ohms load per channel)

4 x 1900 W

Max output power (4 channels mode / 2 Ohms load per channel)

4 x 2500 W

Max output power (2 channels mode / 8 Ohms load per channel)

2 x 3800 W

Max output power (2 channels mode / 4 Ohms load per channel)

2 x 5000 W

Power consumption (Standby)

10 W

Power consumption (idle)

200 W


Input to Power Out Specifications


Frequency response

10 Hz - 20 KHz ±1 dB

Input Impedance / Input Sensitivity

20 K Ω / 16 dBu

Dynamic range / TDH + N

110 dB unweighted / Typical 0.01% (Flat setup)


550 us on a flat setup

Audio AD and DA converters

32-bits @ 96 KHz


3x multicore 64-bits processing DSPs


Back Panel features


Analogue audio inputs

4x balanced analogue inputs on XLR3

Power outputs

4×Neutrik Speakon NL-4 outputs

RS232 port

1×DB-9 connector dedicated for DPU connection

GPIO port

1xDB-25 connector with 5x Inputs and 8x Outputs for DMU connection

Expansion slot

For networking and digital audio cards, 4x digital audio inputs and remote control

Main sockets

1x Neutrik Powercon NAC3 (1x 20 A)


User interface and controls


Front panel buttons and knobs

Rotary encoder with push and backlight, tactile screen


4.3 inches diagonal colour display, WQVGZ, 480 x 272


Main requirements


Mains voltage

Universal power supply with active PFC 100-240 Volts (50/60 Hz)

Mains voltage


Power consumption(1/4 max 2 Ω)

3500 W


Dimensions and Certifications



2U 19" rack, 502mm / 20" depth, 16.1 kg / 35.3 lbs weight

Electrical safety certification

cULus, CB (CE), CCC, PSE, KC

EMC certification


Green status

Compliant with ROHS directive


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